Learn About Family Law

In the U.S., there are many laws governing the family relationship. In general, the family relationships that also create a legal relationship are the spousal relationship, and the relationship between parents and children. The law creates many rights and duties with respect to family members. This article will cover many aspects of the family relationship, including marriage, divorce, spousal and child support, property-sharing arrangements between married couples, alternative legal arrangements to marriage, adoption, and domestic abuse.

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Do I Need a Family Lawyer?

Given the numerous complex issues that can come up in any family law case, it rarely a good idea to go it alone. This is true when facing most legal issues, but even more so in family law; unlike most other areas of civil law, where only money is at stake, family law cases can affect far more important things, such as child custody and visitation.

For that reason, it's never a bad idea to hire a family law attorney if you're facing (or contemplating) a divorce, a paternity dispute, a child support issue, or a battle over the custody or visitation rights of your children.